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Smileupps delivers productivity apps from your private cloud, providing both hosting and store services from a same easy platform

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How to

Install your app

  1. Browse the store
  2. Choose your app and click Free Trial
  3. Enter your e-mail to receive activation e-mail
  4. Check your inbox and click activation link to deploy an instance of this app to your Cloud

Free for 30 days

  1. Every new app instance will benefit of 30 free days to check if it suits your needs
  2. After installation, check your inbox for instructions to operate your new instance: these depend on the selected app and may be links, credentials or details to get started
  3. Same e-mail will contain a button to your instance control panel, to check its usage, manage links, or upgrade plan

Upgrade plan

To extend trial period or add more features to your instance you may upgrade your plan

  1. Register to Smileupps Cloud and access your Instance Control Panel
  2. Click the Upgrade/Extend button
  3. Upgrade by raising Plan for more resources or Class for more features
  4. Extend by postponing the expiration time
  5. Checkout with Stripe


Loaded with features

You own your data

You will be the direct owner of your cloud application instance and all the business data you store within.

Next to you

We support major cloud hosting providers worldwide, so you can deploy apps exactly where you need them.


Apps and cloud hosting are immediately available and provided together. No more complicated servers to set up or apps to install by yourself.

Custom domains

Use your own domain name for your app, to strenghten your brand and privacy.

Direct support

Get in touch with developers directly: ask them a question, customizations or maintenance activities.

Detailed analytics

Know exactly how many resources your app is consuming and be alerted when they raise too much.

Globally available

Deploy apps where you need them

  • US West: Dedicated *

  • US East: Dedicated *

  • Italy: Multi Tenant

  • London: Dedicated *

  • Amsterdam: Dedicated *

  • Frankfurt: Dedicated *

  • Singapore: Dedicated *

* Dedicated service will be available soon

Smileupps for developers

Smileupps enables new lightweight business models, disrupting barriers to global market

Change your target

Cloud apps allow targeting monthly paying companies instead of consumers in search for free or freemium apps only

Focus on your app

We will manage everything else, from store to hosting services, so you can concentrate on development and supporting your customers.

Enter the future

Javascript, HTML, CSS and a browser are all what you need. No more complicated IDEs or deployment toolchains!

Huge library support

As pure web apps, you may reuse any kind of library out there. Here are some examples:

1. Choose your backend

Following backends have a native HTTP Api. You can use them as plain database servers, or as full-stack app engines, to store, deliver and run both apps and data. Install the one you prefer to your local disk or start immediately using our hosted versions.

Apache CouchDB 1.6.1

Apache CouchDB™ is the open-source database for the web, backed by Apache FSF. Can be used as standalone database or complete app engine solution to store and run apps called couchapps.

Barrell Alpha 2.2

Barrell™ is a CouchDB distribution forked from CouchDB 1.6.1, greatly focused on performance and extending couchapps development experience with a whole new set of features.

2. Develop your couchapp

As pure HTML5+Javascript web apps, you can definitely write once and run them anywhere! They will work from any device, browser or native webview application.

Advanced apps

Easily create offline-first responsive apps! Triggerjob background daemon let you add e-mails, sms, scheduled backups, payments or integrate with any third party REST API.

In-browser dev tools

Forget cumbersome native toolchains! The in-browser web tool DDoc Lab is ready to be your best friend, with its offline editing and remote deployment capabilities.

3. Sell to customers

When your couchapp is ready and hosted in the cloud, it's time to create your store page.

Detail your app

Give it a name, a description and upload some pictures. Tell which services you are including, such as support or maintenance.

Automate deployment

Create the magic, so it can be installed with just one click, anywhere and anytime, even when you are sleeping.

Create page