Smileupps Cloud App Store

CouchDB Hosting and Marketplace to develop, sell and run cloud web applications

Next time you build an app for a company,
think it for the whole world!

  For developers

  • Sell your cloud apps to selected customers or worldwide on the marketplace
  • Zero commission on the chosen app price, and direct payments from customers to your Stripe account
  • Focus on building apps and getting paid, we will take care of hosting, deployment and boring things
  • Reduce time-to-market...drastically! By developing portable web apps with extreme ease
  • Support your customers and be paid for it
  • Develop, host and sell apps without any costs using our 60€ Free Tier option
  • Hide or open-source your code
  • Broaden your customers reach with 7 days free trial hosting
  • No vendor lock-in! Apache CouchDB and Couchapps are open-source: you can switch to your own server anytime.

  For companies

  • Find the right productivity app for your business
  • You own your company data
  • Get support from developers directly
  • Ask your own customizations
  • Pay effective usage only
  • Fine tune your hosting by selecting needed features only
  • Sleep more with our highly available, enterprise class hosting platform
  • Sleep well with our 99.99% uptime guaranteed Service Level Agreement

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